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Prayercard 2019 Home Aerial 2019

Drone Aerial of our home in Taiwan

Thank you for the many years of support for our ministry in Taiwan serving missionary kids at Morrison Academy. Over the years, Dwight has taught math, science, computers, and Bible while Beckie has served as school nurse.

Pictured above is our last prayer card. God has been faithful through many up and downs over the years. We went to Taiwan the first time to teach at Morrison Academy on a leave-of-absence from Hillsboro High School for 2 years (1986-1988). During the next 5 years worked on our appointment with CBFMS. Over the years the mission changed it's name first to CBInternational and then to WorldVenture. We returned to Taiwan as fully supported missionaries in November of 1993 and started teaching at the Morrison Academy - Taichung Campus in the Fall of 1994.

At the end of the 2019 school year, the Morrison staff had a reception honoring the retiring teachers. Check out the tributes to us from a few staff and students:

What We Did...

Beckie served as school nurse one day per week along with raising our family.  Over the years, we started having weekly dinners with a regular group of singles. For a number of years, we would have a family join us for dinner once a week. Beckie had weekly meetings with young moms to encourage them and pray together. She also, regularly did childcare each week.

Dwight's primary assignment was serving in a technology support role. Over the years, he taught a variety of courses including computer programming, computer applications, math, science, audiovisual production, and Bible. The course that meant the most to him was the Men of Honor Bible Class the school asked him to create. The idea for the class came from a book given to Dwight in 1999 entitled, Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis. First, Dwight started a father/son breakfast that ran for years even after both his on sons had left for college. Then in 2006, the school asked if he would create a Bible class for high school boys similar to the Women of Worth Class already being offered for girls.

Men of Honor Class MOH Crest Coin

The Men of Honor Class was designed for Juniors and seniors guys. As such, it was different than most traditional classes. The class units followed the symbolism in the Men of Honor Crest which was designed in 2006 with the help of Morrison's art teacher, John Schirmer.

The students were divided into groups of four or five. The first activity for the groups was a wall climb where they could encourage their teammates. At the end of each unit discussion group leaders would join each team to give the students a chance to ask question and explain what they got out of the unit. 

Other activities including a camping trip, the MOH/WOW banquet, a fitness test, and cleaning the school grounds

The main evaluation tool for the class was a portfolio created by each student containing a summary and reflection for everything we did as a class. Part of the grade was based on whether or not the quality was judged to be high enough that it probable the student would want to save it to show a future 17 year old son or nephew.

The final was an oral panel review of their team's portfolios by their discussion leader and 2 other men. On completing the final exam each student was given a shirt with the Men of Honor Crest and a framed certificate. Finally the men performing the final for each team prayed for each of the guys to live for the Kingdom and His calling on their lives.

Other Resources

Old Home Assignment Materials

1991 Prayercard

First Prayercard 1991

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2000 Update Video(Google)

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2010 Update Video (YouTube)
2010 Update Video

1991 Introduction Book (PDF)

1991 Ministry Intro Book"Imagine what it would be like to lose your two-year old daughter in a strange city. Imagine further that this city had over one million inhabitants–and you didn't know any of them. Then imagine that this city was thousands of miles from home, that its people spoke a language you couldn't understand (let alone speak), then you can begin to understand what Dwight Johnson felt like in the Spring of 1987, as he looked for Stacie on the busy cty streets of Taichung, Taiwan.

Where was Stacie?...
(go to page 2 of our Introduction Book to find out)

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Our Favorite Family Christmas Tradition

Since 2006, we have had a family tradition of each member picking a song for the year and I buy them for the family. It is a bit of a time capsule for our family. 

Each year, when I hear a song that I think I might use in our annual picks, I save it so I have songs to pick from in December. 

As I was looking over songs I've picked or thought about picking, I thought you might find one that encourages you so here are a few to watch. I hope you find at least one that is an encouragement to you. I linked the Song name below to a video of each song.

Now it's your turn. Send me an audio, video, or podcast that has been challenging or encouraging to you and tell me why you like it.

Faithful Friend
by Steven Curtis Chapman & Twila Paris
(link to Lyrics video)

I just heard this song fairly recently. It would make a good song for a wedding with an honorable man and a faithful friend. I can think of a number of friends over the years that I'm reminded of by this song. But mostly it challenges me and gives me the desire to be that kind of man and faithful friend.

by Matthew West

Forgiveness is such a hard lesson to learn and apply in our lives.  God Through Christ has required justice which Jesus paid and then extended mercy and grace to us. This song came out of a tragic story and eventual forgiveness.  Watch this video...it shows the power of forgiveness.

None Other
by John Van Deusen

This song was written by John Van Deusen. His parents are some of our closest friends and our kids grew up together. John has been a part of the music scene in the Northwest for several years.  I believe this song is the result of a lot of lessons culminating in his life. I'm proud of him and hoping to see him sometime this year.

by Casting Crowns

The movie Courageous was a great challenge to fathers to love their families and be courageous in life. Mark Hall had been doing youth ministry and working with the men in his church when he heard about the movie and wanted to write a song for it. He talks about it in this interview about his "new" now older song.

Forever Young
by The Tenors

I used this song as a part of a final blessing for the guys in the Men of Honor Class. 

"May you stay Forever Young": we discussed having a child-like faith.

“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it." Mark 10:15

"May all your wishes come true": we discussed the following verse.
Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4


by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote this song to remind him of the importance of time with his daughters. After his daughter was tragically killed, he wasn't able to perform it for a while. We got to hear him perform for about the first time at a concert. It is a newer but similar challenge to dads as Cats in the Cradle from when I was young.  Do you remember that song?

Joy in the Journey
by Michael Card

Michael Card came to speak at Morrison for a week a few years back.  This song reminds me that we are all on a journey God uses each day to do good work in and around us so even in tragic times we can look to a joy that only He can provide.

Blessings by Laura Story

Our journeys will always include hard and crushing events. As a parent, I desire that my kids would never experience terrible circumstances but even if it was possible for me to accomplish that, I'd be blocking the growth that only comes through adversity. As I thought about it nothing worthwhile in my life has ever come without discipline, work, and pain. 

We did a short presentation to say goodbye to our Chinese Church. There were two things in it you have probably heard me talk about before: The Jade Cabbage and the Butterfly Circus.  If you don't know what those are you can learn about them in my presentation.

Voice of Truth
by Casting Crowns

The command, "Fear not!", or some variation occurs throughout the Bible. Listening to this song serves as an antidote to fear by helping me remember what is true.

You Say
by Lauren Daigle

Like the song above, this song challenges the lie that we are a disappointment and failure.

Pretty's on the Inside
by Chloe Adams

This song is for the girls in your life.  The song was picked by someone else in our family and I wish the truth of its message would sink into the hearts of so many of the girls I've had as students or otherwise known. 

by MercyMe

God's Grace is bigger than my failures... A friend in Taiwan shared this song with me.

by Micheal W Smith

When I first heard this song, it struck me that it builds in me courage to stand. I have since learned that several songs on the album relate directly to the civil war including the song Letter to Sarah about one of the most famous letters from that war. It is a wonderful letter from a loving and courageous husband. Listen to the letter. It is well worth the time.

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